Subject: Re: Exercise Machine That Does The Same Thing As The ROM Machine Cheaper.
From: bb_bb-ga on 22 Oct 2005 23:56 PDT

There is no comparable machine at this time at any price. Though ROM
is hideously expensive, it does work.

My wife and I purchased one 11 weeks ago (after a rental trial).
Results: my blood pressure down > 10 points, lost 10 pounds, greatly
increased muscle mass and stamina. I do not get paid to say this (ROM
costs >
$15k with shipping! Ouch!!), but it has worked for me and my
significantly less athletic wife.

The ACLs in both my knees are damaged or destroyed, my r. shoulder has
had multiple dislocations and his ‘tricky’, and my lower and mid back
have been injured in the past. 24 months ago, I had a major stroke,
and am now 50 years old. So I desperately needed the exercise for
general health, and needed to strengthen my leg/back/trunk muscles to
support my various injuries and minor stroke related weaknesses.

My Knees, shoulder, and back are much improved, as is the minor
weakness due to stroke.

You do have to use the machine almost every day, and should push
yourself to exhaustion when doing so; but it only takes 4 takes
minutes, and this makes it relatively easy to do. And you get the
exercise ‘buzz’ (high?) of a strenuous workout.

If you do not believe you can get a workout in 4 minutes, read the
literature on the ROM page, or get the DVD. If you claim a 4 minute
workout is not effective, and have not examined this information, then
you are not aware of what recent medical studies have shown. Examine
the info, you will be surprised. I know it sounds totally nuts, but
some crazy ideas are true (examples: General Relativity and Quantum

I recommend examining the principals behind high intensity training
before making a judgment or sweeping statements saying it cannot work.

PS: If $15K can help keep me from having another stroke, I’ll gladly pay the money.

source: https://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=562175

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