Live Fitness Training Online

Live Fitness Training Online. We offer online classes for clients with or without equipment at home. We can work with you live on our Skype channel or put together a recorded workout catered just for you. We offer equipment classes with the Reformer, Chair and Ladder Barrel. We also offer classes working with numerous props to imitate your Reformer exercises utilizing the Stability ball, Therabands, Foam roller, Magic Circle and the Bosu .
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Wild Rivers Pilates and Online Fitness – Live Fitness Training Online

Wild Rivers Pilates & Fitness offers Post Rehab and Personal One on One Fitness and Live Fitness Training Online

We  offer private one on one post rehab training and one on one fitness classes on the Oregon south coast.
Serving the areas of Gold Beach, Brookings, Crescent City, Port Orford and beyond.  Featuring “Classical Pilates” as once taught by Joseph Pilates.  We create a custom post-rehabilitation workout regime designed just for you. To do this we use Pilates, TRX training, Bosu balance work, foam roller work and much more. We are the only studio on the Oregon South Coast with the ROM (Range of Motion) Full body Cardio Quick Gym machine.

About Pilates

Pilates is a low stress method of physical and mental conditioning in use for more than 70 years.

Why Pilates

  • Body awareness , Increased flexibility & coordination , Builds strength , Improved posture , Alignment, Injury prevention, Balanced muscle tone , Back pain relief , Stress relief , Circulatory stimulation , Aids in the prevention of Osteoporosis.

Who can use this method of health training?

  • Active people who lead stressful lives, Athletes, Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Seniors, Pregnant Women, & Non active people.

Why “Wild Rivers Pilates and Fitness” ?

  • Live Fitness Training Online
  • One on One Individual Instruction
  • Post-rehabilitation work to keep you on your path to full body health.
  • Attentive trainers that are not afraid to give corrections and challenges. Something you don’t find in other Studios and Gyms
  • Private, Clean, Exclusive studio location.
  • Real Pilates equipment classes that are tailored for your specific needs.  Specializing in the elderly, rehab, dancers, athletes and those committed to improving their bodies.
  • Kristen has been teaching in the fitness industry since 1995 with the opening of “Creative Fitness” then renaming to the “Santa Barbara Pilates Studio” in 2001 until 2013. Moving to the Oregon South Coast in 2014 and opening “Wild Rivers Pilates and Fitness”.
  • As a trained Classical Dancer Kristen’s extensive background in Dance gives her a unique insight into the workings of the human body from a strength and agility perspective.
  • Kristen uses her real life knowledge taken from her career as a professional dancer and athlete to bring you the very best in personal fitness training.

About the ROM (Range of Motion Machine) Quick Gym