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Pilates on the Oregon Coast

December 23, 2017/in pilates, rehabilitation /by bodywise

Written by Marguerite Ogle| Article Found on VeryWell 

Dr. Anderson’s view is that as a general rule, a holistic, comprehensive Pilates class is going to make a significant difference in a clients’ quality of life. Where it makes sense in Pilates to talk about the uniqueness of a specialty population is in terms of precautions and contraindications. If you have a special population, perhaps someone pregnant or healing an injury, Dr. Anderson says: “There are certain things you are going to avoid or modify in your holistic, comprehensive Pilates class. So if you’re telling them things that are especially good for them, and a few things to take precaution with, then by all means that is appropriate. To use Pilates to isolate body parts, for example, to use Pilates to only do knee exercises, is a little ridiculous because it defeats the whole purpose of the philosophy.”

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