Rehabilitation and Pilates

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4 Responses

  1. Peter McCorkle says:

    I have been dealing with major back problems since my 20’s. Now at 46, I hardly ever have back problems and when I feel tightness starting I get in a reformer class always makes its feel a lot better.

  2. Terry Buss says:

    I’ve been doing Pilates with Kristen for about five years and it is the therapeutic effect of Pilates which has been most helpful. It seems to take care of those aches and pains – minor and chronic. I walk taller and straighter, have better balance, and feel strong. Kristen’s extensive knowledge about body mechanics makes her a superb teacher. If performing one routine is problematic for a body part, Kristen doesn’t say “ok, we won’t do that today.” Instead she always has an alternate method for accomplishing the same end. Her constant attention to the details of form when doing a routine makes all the difference between a ho-hum workout and outstanding results. And by the way, she has a killer sense of humor.

  3. Airin says:

    I just wanted to leave a testimonial about my past work with Kristen at sbpilates. (At the time I was doing the work the website didn’t have a feedback area). I fell out of a window and broke my back when I was 22. I had a metal spine made and a bone graft off my right hip to integrate my new spine. While my metal spine is better than ever I had problems figuring out how to use my body, needing to build muscles in my back to support my spine, and bone scarring from the graft creating slightly uneven hips and weakness and pain in my right hip joint. Kristen completely helped me rework my body and not only reversed all my problems but took my body to a new level of strength and slimness I had not even known was possible! And I even lost the tiny “fat” pocket above my hip bone that I’d had since I was 13 even tho I’d never weighed above 120! I went back to martial arts and ballet with drastically improved balance, flexibility and strength. Allowing me to do things I couldn’t have done before even if I hadn’t broken my back! And I always left the studio feeling as if all the knots had left my body, something that massages couldn’t even accomplish. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, it happened extremely quickly! Within 1 month I was rehabilitated and within 2 months I was in perfect shape. The more time I spent working out the more I kept gaining in every area of my life! Not to mention rocking a body that was better then I imagined. And the topper to all of this is that I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 13. Anyone with Fibromyalgia or CFIDS/CFS can do this and it will improve your fatigue and pain. Anyone who’s had a serious injury or surgery should do this and expect rehabilitation! Anyone who’s always wanted that perfect lean toned yet still curvy body, even if you think you already have one, should do this. And if you do any athletic type sport from martial arts to ballet to tennis to skiing to nintendo wii, you will greatly benefit from this training. Even my 64 year old father who coached football for UCSB and works out every day of the week came and took some sessions and benefitted his tennis game! Now he’s added a basic pilates warmup before his 3 mile runs, tennis, or weight lifting work outs. Kristen is amazing and her pilates literally works miracles!! I’m living proof 🙂

  4. Jane Walters says:

    Recovering from shoulder and knee surgery was a painful process for me. I’m so thankful to have found Kristen at the SB Pilates Studio. She has helped tremendously with physical routines that have given me back strength in my shoulder and knee. Due to the aging process, I recently started having pain in my hip. Kristen has been able to stop the pain and put me on a program that I believe will prevent any further degeneration in my hip. I’m very grateful for Kristen’s wealth of knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get physically well and staying fit!